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We're running low on inventory but the our Derksen plants are in full speed building custom building for our customers.

Cabana      cash price     rent to own -tax is already included

 Size           Price $            36 Months      60 Months                  

10 x 12      $3,240.00       $150.00          $120.00

10 x 16      $4,175.00       $209.23          $173.82

10 x 20      $5,210.00       $261.10          $216.91

12 x 16      $5005.00       $250.82          $208.38

12 x 20      $6,210.00       $311.21          $258.55

12 x 24      $7,450.00       $373.36          $310.17

14 x 16      $5,840.00       $292.67          $243.14

14 x 20      $7,295.00       $365.59          $303.72

16 x 20      $8,905.00       $446.28          $370.75

16 x 24     $10,565.00      $529.47          $439.86

The Cabana is the perfect structure to create a shady retreat by the pool, on the shore of the lake, or in your back yard.  It comes standard with two benches spanning the entire width and it's quality construction will give you years of enjoyment.

Our buildings come with your choice of metal roof  or a shingle roof is available in several colors for no additional charge. (Please contact us to review shingle options.)

All treated wood buildings come with a five year warranty on workmanship and are made with quality materials including T1-11 siding. T1-11 siding is a wood siding product and has a natural, wood-grained look that is very appealing. T1-11 siding is strong and has a long life as compared to other sidings. It is the most environmentally friendly of siding products and is made from engineered wood (wood products and other materials pressed together) and carries a thirty year warranty. Our skids and floor joists have been pressure treated for ground contact and carry a limited lifetime warranty against termites and decay.

Free Shipping is offered on any purchase within fifty miles of any authorized sales center, and is only available in Texas. For sales to other states, please contact us and we will provide you with information for a dealer in your area.

Prices do not include applicable sales tax. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.